Top 4 tips for planning the ultimate girls getaway weekend

1: Create a WhatsApp Group

Start a WhatsApp group where you can get excited talking about your plans, share ideas and special cafes, shops and places to visit that you found. Talk about what drinks and snacks you want to bring and organise your road trip with stops on the way because getting there is part of the fun! After your Girls Getaway, share you photos for everyone to re-live your weekend away.

2: Set a budget everyone agrees on

The most important part of your girls getaway isn’t an itinerary full of expensive activities and five-star restaurants, it’s all being together. Have an honest discussion with everyone about how much they want to spend for the weekend and keep your plans in that budget.

3: Discuss Everyone’s Needs

Each of your girlfriends will have their own ideas about what they want to do on the trip, whether it’s spa treatments, out and about exploring, planned activities or unplugged down time at the house. Be sure to have a talk about what everyone really wants and needs out of their weeks away and be inclusive when planning.

4: Plan your Meals, Snacks + Drinks (alcoholic and non)

Before you leave home, plan your meals and make a list of everyone’s favourite snacks and drinks (alcoholic and not) and place an online order and pick-up from the local supermarket on your way so when you arrive you are fully stocked and no need to head out again. Decide which restaurants you “must visit” and make a reservation before you leave.

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