Don’t miss out on the magic…..or the avocado loaded hash brown….on your girls weekend away….

Katoomba has always been a little quirky. It’s got little moments of magic that take you by surprise and hints of sophistication that smack you in the face when you least expect it. It is in fact, with it’s calming energy, experiences to explore and unique accommodation the perfect location for a girls weekend away. 

Here you can chill in your ugg boots without judgement (you can even wear them to go shopping and nobody cares) you can feel the cold crisp air on your face on a walk to magnificent views, you can get a massage that feels like floating on air and you can indulge on delicious food without the “try hard” feel of Sydney restaurants. Just good flavour-filled combinations of delicious ingredients in portions you feel you deserve but rarely get. 

Take Katoomba’s latest gem “Bowery”. Created by the incredible team that own one of my all time favourite restaurants “Avalon” this is a truly inspirational offering to add to Katoomba’s assets. With brunch and lunch from 10-2 Thurs to Sunday and dinner from 5.30pm on the same days the menu is one of those that takes you a while to make a decision on. Not because it’s hard but because there are so many you are worried that if you don’t choose them you’ll regret it or be jealous of when it is in front of someone else. This morning I enjoyed the avocado loaded hash brown which was actually like a handcrafted rosti topped with avocado, spinach slightly sauteed in, at a guess, butter and garlic, a richly flavoured beetroot hummus and a hand chopped salsa. If this all sounds too much believe me it was not, in fact, it was a delectable combination topped off with the occasional chopped piece of fresh rosemary. Divine.

The atmosphere is warm, character filled and styled without being crass or kitsch. It’s obvious that whoever put this magical place together has an eye for creating style and interest to the eye with eclectic and interesting pieces they have taken time to gather. They’ve also incorporated some timeless Persian rugs and lusciously rich velvet curtains to absorb some of the laughter and conversation so that you can actually hold one with your girlfriends you haven’t seen for a year without yelling at them.

Located on the corner of Lurline and Waratah street at the bottom of Katoomba town it’s the perfect location to a enjoy coffee and brunch on your walk back from the 3 Sisters or perhaps to indulge in some fabulous cocktails and Harissa roasted cauliflower or slow braised osso bucco on your – oh wow I actually get a night out – moment because you are on a girls weekend away. 

Then there is the shopping. From the Magic Festival at the end of June that has an incredible array of magical crafts and curiosities (don’t forget to wear your velvet cloak) to the antique and old record stores, art galleries, and deliciously indulgent lingerie stores, there are once again moments of magic you’ll finally get to explore because your husband doesn’t give you that “do we have to” look as you suggest you want to go in to have a look and your kids aren’t tugging at your skirt tails demanding that it’s all about them. In fact, your girlfriend will drag you in and you can marvel at the fairies, the DND dice and the felt made hat. The latest addition to these is “Odd Mountain Oddities”. It’s signage next to the fabulous Hominy Bakery (mouth watering pies, incredible ginger and pear cake and crumbly buttery croissants) invites you up the tiny creaky stairs to an array of mystery beyond. From curious gifts to even more curious collectables this place will make some want to stay forever and others leave oh so quickly as they can’t handle the full size spiders encased in resin. It’s a fabulous example of what Katoomba can deliver because of what it is – a quirky moment of magic.

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